Asia Privilege Club Members' Reviews

Our reviews section consists of genuine testimonials and feedback from Asia Privilege Club members who have travelled in Asia and benefited from their membership. The cash savings from their discount card are true and although we cannot display any personal email addresses, our members have documented their reviews for the sole purpose of promoting the benefits of being a FREE Member of Asia Privilege Club.

Private Scuba Dive School in Pattaya, Thailand

Private Scuba SchoolThumbs up for a great service - Member Review from Barry Thomas (United Kingdom)

Quote - "I travelled to Thailand for a two week holiday and I was planning to try some scuba diving in Pattaya while I was there. Asia Privilege Club was introduced to me by a friend so I contacted them to request my VIP Membership Card. They mailed my free discount card to me in England a few months before my vacation, and completely free of charge, so I searched their website for a Scuba Diving Center that offered a cash saving benefit to the Club Members. Very happy to say that I got 10% off my scuba course and thoroughly enjoyed the diving in Pattaya with Private Scuba School. Thumbs up to Asia privilege Club for a great service !"

Pattaya Snorkelling Center, Thailand

Came up with the goods - Member Review from Thomas Peace (America)

Quote - "There are many so-called FREE Discount Clubs that offer something for nothing. But having scoured the internet for a free membership, I came across Asia Privilege Club through a google search. I was amazed when they actually came up with the goods and within a week of my email application, Asia Privilege Club posted my Privilege Card to me ... absolutely FREE.
It's really easy to find companies who are offering discounts and savings on the APC website. I used their 'search facility' to find a Snorkeling Center in Thailand that were offering an incentive to spend cash with. I got a 10% discount on my Snorkeling Trip in Pattaya and the Snorkel Shop gave great customer service which was an added bonus. This is a superb concept and I wish Asia Privilege Club much continued success for the future."