FREE VIP Membership Discount Card

Asia Privilege Club continue to accelerate our VIP Membership by offering a Free VIP Discount Card to anyone wishing to benefit from Huge Discounts and Cash Savings in Thailand and throughout Asia. Our growing network of Business Partners offer a variety of incentives to attract new customers with discounts on every-day products such as food & drinks, health & beauty treatments, sports and much more ...... up to 50%.

is proof of membership and must be shown before a purchase is made in order to gain the Discounts and/or Benefits that are being offered by participating Asia Privilege Club Advertisers.

APC Discount Cards are simple to use without any need for coupons, vouchers or swiping of the card. Simply show your membership card prior to your purchase and you'll receive a true & genuine discount that is offered by our participating trading companies. For maximum savings, you may use your card as many times as you like. Asia Privilege Club Members can use their VIP Cards in any of the Asian Countries and Cities available in our website categories and we are constantly aiming to increase more the benefits throughout Asia.

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  3. Collect your card from one of our distributors
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Asia Privilege Club is proud to boast the fastest growing FREE VIP Membership Club in Asia and we welcome all enquiries worldwide to apply for your own personal loyalty card. We are constantly increasing the benefits and discounts being offered to our members and all positive feedback is greatly appreciated in order to maintain our free membership club.