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Krabi - Thailand's best family Destination

You'll find the stunning scenery of Krabi and its islands splashed across any of Thailand's brochures or magazines with giant limestone cliffs, towering karst islands, gorgeous beaches and pristine, azure waters. Near to Krabi is the world famous Phi Phi islands and many others like Koh Lanta, while Ao Nang Beach offers an excellent base for tourists.

The variety of choices for your visit are unlimited, from busy Ao Nang to exclusive Railay, stunning Phi Phi and the island escape of Koh Lanta. But where ever you choose, you’ll get anything from an evening of entertainment to a peaceful retreat.

Krabi & Phi Phi Travel Guide

If you're looking for the perfect family destination in Thailand, you're unlikely to be disappointed if you head for the tropical paradise of Krabi, and the popular tourist islands of Phuket and Phi Phi also offer a more natural, relaxing atmosphere that all the family can enjoy together.

Activities in Krabi

Most of Krabi's activities and sports involve outdoor pursuits such as scuba diving, rock climbing, snorkelling, sea-kayaking and golf. Krabi also has spectator sports like Thai boxing and takraw.
The one activity that has made Krabi world famous is Rock Climbing and there are many schools offering courses from beginner to advanced. Getting started isn’t difficult and it can be enjoyed by all.
Scuba Diving is extremely popular in Krabi and the nearby islands such as the world famous Koh Phi Phi. Here you'll find some spectacular reef diving and snorkeling, and in Ao Nang, PADI courses are readily available for anyone wishing to try scuba diving.

Day Trips in Krabi

Nature lovers will find fantastic beaches backed by towering limestone peaks, and colourful coral reefs for scuba adventures.
Though Krabi is some 500 miles south of Bangkok, it remains one of Thailand’s most popular destinations.
Ao Nang is Krabi’s main resort area, with a stunning backdrop of karst cliffs and a long stretch of white sandy beach. Ao Nang is a pleasant and relaxed area to enjoy your holiday, being less overcrowded than Patong in Phuket. The natural feel of Ao Nang allows you to wander along the beach and admire the amazing sunsets that bless this superb province in Thailand.
Krabi Town is a small provincial capital that provides a glimpse into real Thai life and has mostly escaped commercial tourism. However it’s an interesting place to visit, having colourful markets, a pleasant walking path that follows the estuary mouth and lots of restaurants offering up local favourites, with seafood being a speciality.

Entertainment in Krabi

Night time entertainment in Krabi is fairly relaxed, reflecting the easy-going southern beach culture. Bamboo beach bars are a very common place to chill, with plenty of cushions, pavilions and even hammocks to ensure you won't leave again in a hurry. A few tunes, the sound of the waves and a view of the stars is all you have in the way of entertainment, although you may witness fireshows or live music in some of the bars, where Thai bands regularly perform covers of local and western hits.
In Krabi town, most of the bars are relaxed, open-air cafes, often with a giant screen showing the latest Thai pop videos, or Premiership football games.
Krabi's tropical climate makes this the ideal location to try a spa treatment, as most spas in Krabi take full advantage of its natural assets. Massage, body scrubs, wraps and facials are the most common treatments available and most spas offer herbal steam and jacuzzi facilities as well. A traditional Thai massage is also a must on any visit to Thailand. Combining ancient Ayurvedic principles with Chinese acupressure and elements of yoga, this interactive massage is a workout for your whole body.
You will never go hungry in Krabi as you'll find a selection of mobile motorcycle, pushcart vendors, streetside stalls and markets almost anywhere that you look. Thai food is the main offering on the menu with fresh herbs and spices and the authentic Thai know-how that goes into each dish, meaning that you'll enjoy a taste sensation at every meal while in Krabi.

Shopping in krabi

Although Krabi Town is the provincial capital, it's Ao Nang that is the main tourist attraction in Krabi. here you'll find the highest concentration of hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping, as well as good transport services. Though smaller than Phuket and Koh Samui, there's a wide choice of accommodation on offer, and most of the businesses are still locally owned and run, giving the place a laidback charm.
After a spectacular sunset seen from the beach, the beachfront comes alive as people return from the islands and set off for a night out shopping, eating and drinking. There's a large choice of restaurants and shops selling everything from souvenirs to fake Rolex watches and DVDs. Massage shops, spas and beauty parlours stay open late, so you can indulge after your hard day island-hopping or you can sit in a roadside bar and sip a 'cold one' under the stars at a beach bar on the sand.

Sightseeing in Krabi

There are more than 100 islands of the Andaman Sea in the Krabi region, and one of the most pleasurable things to do is to hop on a boat and set off on a cruise around them. The sights range from dramatic rocky outcrops to picture postcard deserted islands. When sightseeing in Krabi, popular trips from Ao Nang and Railay include the local four-island tour, or the Hong Island tour, which visits more beautiful islands in a pristine part of the Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park.
Day trips to the Phi Phi Islands are a highly recommended excursion from here with with their astonishingly clear water and memorable snorkeling tours. Most sightseeing tours from Krabi will include snorkeling, beach stops, soft drinks and lunch, though if you charter a longtail boat you may need to bring your own food, drink and snorkelling equipment.
One of the most memorable full day trips is to Pha Nga Bay, made famous in the James Bond movie, the Man with the Golden Gun. In the Northwest of Krabi, this fantastic theatre of karst pillars and cliffs is an awe-inspiring experience and may include kayaking and lunch in the water gypsy village of Koh Phan Yee.
The tour to Tiger Cave Temple can be combined with a trip to the Hot Springs. Natural outdoor jacuzzis have been carved into the rock by the action of thermal spring water, which comes from a source nearby and by the time the water reaches the Hot Springs site, it has cooled to a pleasant 35C for a totally relaxing experience.

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